Official Site of Charlotte 49ers Cheerleading  

Charlotte 49ers Cheerleading has a long history of success both on the court supporting UNCC athletics and also on the mat as a competitive cheerleading squad.

For as long as we've been competing, we've consistently been ranked in the top 10 nationally and have had consecutive top 5 finishes, including 1st place in 2002, since 1995.

Our reputation for success led to the 49ers cheerleading squad being selected to participate in the Opening Ceremonies of the 1996 Centennial Olympic Games in Atlanta, GA. This once in a lifetime event brought teams from all over the country together to form one team; the Centennial Olympic Cheer Team. The Ceremonies were broadcast to billions across the world.

The Charlotte 49ers cheerleading program fields two squads each year:

  Coed: Typically 12 males and 8 females
  Small Coed: A minimum of 16 females and maximum of 4 males

With the pride that comes with becoming a 49er cheerleader comes an equal amount of responsibility to the program and the University. The squads share the duties of cheering for both the men's and women's basketball games. In addition to cheering at all regular season home games, both squads travel with the basketball teams to cheer at the Conference USA basketball tournament and frequently at the NCAA and/or NIT basketball tournaments.

As ambassadors of the University, 49er cheerleaders also make frequent appearances at special events as well as participating in community service projects such as mentoring programs and visiting children at local hospitals.

As with other UNCC student athletes, all 49er cheerleaders are held to high academic and moral standards. We pride ourselves with turning out not only great cheerleaders but great people with the tools to continue their collegiate and academic success once they graduate.