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Tradition of Success
49ers Cheerleading has been established as one of the strongest cheerleading programs in the country.  We have competed in National Championships every year since 1990, with one or both of our squads placing in the top 5 in all but one of those years as well as being featured on ESPN and CBS.

These competitions have taken the cheerleaders to such places as San Diego,California; San Antonio,Texas; Louisville,Kentucky; Tijuana,Mexico; Dallas,Texas; and Daytona Beach,Florida.

Each year the needs of the program are re-evaluated to determine the right mix of cheerleaders and squads to field to be the most competitive. Starting with a single competitive coed squad, an abundance of talented cheerleaders led to the creation of a competitive All-Girl squad in 1997 - a team which went on to place 3rd in it's first nationals. By 2001 the landscape had changed again and a Small Coed squad was fielded - this team burst onto the competitive scene by winning the National Championship in their first year of competition.

For the 2004 - 2005 season, two squads will be fielded - Coed and Small Coed. These squads will continue the long standing 49er tradition and reputation as a contender for the national championship year in and year out.

2004 Nationals
Both 49er cheerleading squads performed great at the 2004 NCA National Cheer & Dance Championship. After qualifying 1st and receiving a paid bid, Small Coed placed 2nd in the preliminary competition and earned a respectable 4th place in the finals. Receiving a partially paid bid for a 3rd place qualification, Coed remained consistent earning 3rd place in both the preliminaries and the finals.

2005 Nationals
The 2005 year saw both Large and Small Co-ed teams performing well yet again. The Small Coed team got 3rd in taping, as did Large Coed. At the national competition, Small Coed took 1st place out of prelims and ended up finishing 4th. Large Coed fought its way through the Challenge Cup, receiving 1st place there in order to get a spot in finals where it took 4th place as well.

2006 Nationals
2006 was another exciting year for Charlotte Cheerleading. It started with the Small Coed team taking 2nd in taping while Large Coed took 3rd. Once down at nationals both teams kept up with their consistent success. Both Small and Large Coed teams took 3rd place in their respective divisions.